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Objects in the rear view mirror

Object in the rear view mirror

Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.
They may or they do till you get the hang of it.
This is also the title of a song by the mighty singer Meatloaf. This song was popular at a specific time and place. My youth. We carry our past with us as if it was yesterday. For good or bad.

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april 12, 2012 · 3:57 e m

Man made mountains

Man made mountains

Man made mountains

Are made out of all the rubbish people throw out
some gets washed into the sea to be washed up again

some will land on you
seemingly invisible at first
over time it will turn into solid objects
much like a stalagmite
they could be considered interesting rock formations
that will bring you a strong character
but beware!
it will weigh you down
and eat away on your bones

You can’t carry this bone eating rubbish
you have to get rid of it
or it will  eventually kill your sparkle

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mars 28, 2012 · 7:45 e m

The story of a girl called Aurora (Norrsken)


My first ever attempt of writing a short story was ten years ago. I wrote a story about a girl called Aurora (Norrsken) To illustrate the story I had made carefully childish drawings.

But it was a lousy story.

It was all fantasy. Technically the language and grammar was not good. No facts were straight I just wrote, for the pleasure of writing. I had no clue but I wrote anyway.

A plain story of a girl in human form, dressed in red and yellow, who flew around the world. Aurora had the abilities much like a super-hero. She would just leap into the air and she could move her self from one point to another, like being tele-ported. But it would not be instant. She would ride on the jet stream, they would determined where she would go next.

She leaped through the high mountains of Europe, Hawaii, New Zealand and she would finally settled in on one of Iceland’s mountains. Which one I don’t remember.

I wrote about places I had never been to or made any research about. It was a weak story-line. She was my fantasy, that had come to me in a dream.

Back then I was so proud with no concerns of if it being good or bad.

However, those who read it would say it was good in away you know it was not. With no further comment, the story ended up in a box stowed away not to see the light of day again.

I was discouraged, and gave up. But I have not forgotten.

So here I am trying to catch her, Aurora. I brought the alluring colours so we could talk.

Would she respond?

Yes she did. Once, very briefly.

Then she left me to my own thoughts, I have to pluck up my courage and write again.

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mars 27, 2012 · 12:20 e m

Aurora left me with my own thoughts

Aurora left me with my own thoughts

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mars 27, 2012 · 12:17 e m

I wish I was a bird

I wish I was a bird

I wish I was a bird
yeah a bird

like the one in the picture
a raven
big black and mystical with a husky sound
this magical, playful, skilful flyer
who would not want to be it?

but one thing I don’t understand is what my bird life would be like
you see
these birds they live in pairs in one spot most of their lives
they pick a piece of land and gard it with what they got
and they stay there

that is not possible for me
I want to fly (free)

so I guess I don’t want be a raven after all

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mars 27, 2012 · 11:55 f m

Ad astra

Ad astra

A homage to Akseli Gallen Kallela, the painting Ad astra. Which is taken from Latin language; Per aspera ad astra. To the stars through difficulties.

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mars 27, 2012 · 10:46 f m

The Raven and the Fox

A raven stole a piece of meat and flew up and perched on a branch with it. A fox saw him there and determined to get the meat for himself. So he sat at the base of the tree and said to the raven:

‘Of all the birds ou are by far the most beautiful. You have such elegant proportions, are so stately and sleek. You were ideally made to be the king of all birds. And if you only had the voice you would surely be the king.’

The raven, wanting to demonstrate to him that there was nothing wrong with his voice, dropped the meat and uttered a great cry. The fox rushed forward, punched on the meat, and said:

‘Oh, raven, if only you also had the judgement, you would want for nothing to be the king of the birds.Image

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